Stargarder Straße

Living is easy in the sunny, stylish and child-friendly heart of Prenzlauer Berg. These rental apartments are made for it.

Created for discerning tenants, this modern ensemble stands out stylishly from its surroundings and exudes comfort at the same time.

The heart of the property is a spacious inner courtyard bathed in natural light. An oasis of calm and light is laid out in the style of a Japanese Zen garden. The front of the building shields the courtyard from the street outside. The rear wing in the garden opens up to the south. The opening from the second floor provides the inner courtyard with plenty of light. This has created an unobstructed view to the south.

Econcept has built 43 high-quality apartments and seven retail outlets here. The units have been ready to occupy since 2012 and can be leased.

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