Warschauer Brücke


with aspiration.


We want to shape the city for people. That’s easily said but it means finding answers to really essential questions. What exactly should architecture achieve locally – today, tomorrow and even beyond? How can we cater to the wishes and needs of people and their surroundings? As different as the answers might be in a specific project, the basis is always the same: people look for safety, wellbeing, security, community, identity and inspiration in a building. So, no building exists on its own terms. It is always in a spatial context. The environment has an effect too.


Accordingly, our approach at Econcept is holistic. We develop our solutions together with acclaimed architects. As such, aesthetics is never an end in itself. Design and craftsmanship go hand in hand in our buildings. We don’t skimp on ideas. Nor do we on execution and materials.


The architectural and structural quality of our buildings also has a financial effect. Our buildings are of value and efficient. We generate real added value for our clients – in their investment as well as in their daily use.


Planning and construction

With an eye
for detail.


From the choice of location to completion of the project, every detail counts. This requires solid planning, capable partners and a keen eye for the essentials.


Our approach is structured the same way for every project and begins with a precise analysis. We consider the surroundings, the location and the neighbourhood. We listen carefully. And better still, we pay attention. We research opportunities, wishes and needs. What fits best here?


Together with experienced and acclaimed architects, we use this as a basis to develop solutions that are tailored to suit each environment in question. Even at this early stage, sustainability is a key issue for us – ecologically and economically. We only build if our plans have a solid financial foundation. This is the only way we can create measurable added value for our clients and the location.