Smart Cooling – Am Postbahnhof relies on an innovative cooling programme.

November 2021. Am Postbahnhof is heated using city heat generated nearby – as such, the heat actually comes from the Mitte thermal power station directly across the river Spree. The heating supply is complemented by a completely new type of cooling programme, which the energy provider Vattenfall has only recently developed: a high-temperature heat pump produces the cold required locally and does not discharge the resulting waste heat into the environment as conventional systems so, but feeds it into the city heating system instead. The energy employed is therefore used more efficiently. In addition, the normally required re-cooling technology is no longer necessary, which saves on resources and frees the roof areas for other purposes.

Smart Cooling makes a sustainable contribution to the building’s energy efficiency. “With this programme, we fulfil the strict requirements of the German Sustainable Building Council”, says René Wrobel from Vattenfall heat sales. “No noise or heat emissions are created on the roof of the building and we are contributing to a better urban climate.”

This film shows more about the new cooling system and the Am Postbahnhof project:

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